Lots of experience with positive outcomes with dog training and we would highly recommend her.

Description of work:

She spent hours consulting with us regarding solutions about our doggie's emotional problems.  Very caring and practical approaches.  She hosted teleconference calls for customers as well as individual encounters. 


I used Positive Effects Training to help with my male Bichon’s multiple behavioral problems. Although the whole family loves our dog, he causes us a lot of stress. The trainer has had years of experience with dogs and it really shows.  A little background: my dog is a rescue who is very anxious and does just about everything that a well-behaved dog shouldn’t do including leash-pulling, jumping on kitchen counters, barking at everyone he passes on walks, lifting his leg in the house, barking at strangers that enter the home—I could go on and on. The explanation of the causes of my dog's behavior and the targeted training strategies I was provided were spot-on and the negative behaviors have diminished or have disappeared. My home is much more peaceful now and that is priceless. 


Within 2 months my fearful, hoarded dog was fully housebroken. She was unafraid of hands and eyes. She learned to walk on a leash, play with toys and my other dogs, go through thresholds willingly, and ride in the car. She was even able to be professionally groomed. After 4 months she even learned the following hand and voice commands: sit, stay, come, and wait. We have since adopted her and she continues to grow and thrive because of the wonderful start she had with Positive Effect Dog Training! 

I would not have known how to begin to help this fearful dog without the help and guidance from Sabina, of Positive Effect Dog Training! I have total faith in her knowledge of canine problems and adverse behaviors. I trust her ability to socialize and train any dog with any type of behavioral issues. She is amazing and I can not recommend her highly enough!