Support for Dog Owners

Support for dog owners

When faced with paying the rent, mortgage, supplies for school, food and utility bills, very little gets left for our 4-legged best friends when they themselves need basic grooming, behavioral training and dental care.  We've seen owners who desperately want to help their dogs but because of finances, they cannot pursue the help they need for their dogs.  

We feel every dog and owner deserves to get the support they need and we're going through the top 5 list of why dogs are surrendered to shelters.  We hope to cover more of the top reasons dogs are surrendered to shelters but for now we have the following support areas for dogs and their owners.  


In-person or remote (via Skype) one-on-one training and counseling sessions, behavioral change plans, resources such as videos, and coaching via phone.


Workshops that teach owners to groom their dogs by themselves to avoid the high cost of grooming.


Free community workshops that provide education on canine allergies and behavior problems.


Helping Owners of Dogs Through Education(HOPE)

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