Chief Officers and Members


Sabina Poinelli

Founder and President

Sabina has been involved in animal rescue for over 20 years. As a dog trainer for over 7 years, Sabina witnessed situations in which owners had grown so frustrated with or defeated by their dog’s behavior that they considered rehoming them. Faced with annoying behaviors such as inappropriate elimination, barking, or destructiveness, or even more serious ones like snapping, growling, or biting, many owners simply give up.

 As a professional dog trainer, Sabina knows first-hand that, with expert training and support, owners who are considering rehoming their pets can help them overcome problem behaviors and keep them for life. 

For the most serious problems, she feels that one-on-one dog training with owners and their pets—ideally in their home environment—and personalized support has the best chance to change behaviors.

We want owners and their pets to have mutually satisfying, stress-free relationships, and, ultimately, we want to keep pets out of shelters and in their homes with the people who love them. 


Vera McLaughlin

Vice President & Rescue Liaison 

With a love of dogs fueling Vera's passion for helping dogs, (HOPE) is lucky to have Vera on board in our mission to help dogs. Vera became involved in rescuing and rehabilitating neglected dogs on St. Patrick’s Day 2005 when she rescued Sandy, a severely neglected Shih Tzu who came from a puppy mill. Vera subsequently became active in fundraising and outreach activities for animal rescues and has since adopted three more rescue dogs.