Dog Behavior Training 
for Dog Owners

Initial Consultation and Weekly Calls

We want your training to have a successful outcome. At the same time, we know that fear-reactive behaviors can be very complex and require time before you see successful long-term results. 


In the initial consultation, we will discuss your dog’s history and behavior problems, and

you will receive a training plan so you can start the rehabilitation process for

your pet right away. The initial consultation costs $200.00. For minor behavior problems,

the initial consultation is enough to get owners on the path to changing their dog’s behaviors

for the better.

Weekly Online Assessment Call

In more complicated cases, you will need weekly online assessment calls with your trainer after completing the initial consultation. During the weekly calls, you can share your progress, concerns, and any questions with your trainer. Based on your feedback, you will be provided with training homework for the week. The cost for the weekly calls is $125.00 a month. We ask that you commit to the weekly calls until you’ve reached the desired changes in your dog’s behavior.


We have seen 100% of our clients improve by applying this individualized training model.



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