transforming fearful dogs one dog at a time

Canine Behavior Consultation--Your recipe for success in

transforming your dog’s fearful problem


You've come to the right place for help with your fearful dog.  With over 10 years

of hands-on work with fearful dogs in her own home, Sabina Poinelli specializes

in helping fearful dogs transform into more confident, well balanced dogs, stress

free dogs.


Taking the first  step is easy! 

1. Give us a quick call to discuss your dog's behaviors or fill out this easy questionaire to make sure we're the               right fit for you and your dog's needs.  

2.  We set up an appointment to discuss your case.  

3.  Once we understand the problem, we embark on a training plan to help you and your fearful dog for the                  long-term. 



We want to see a significant reduction in the amount of stress you and your dog feel from this challenging condition because happy dogs and happy owners is what we strive for!