Dog Grooming Training    for
Dog Owners

Learn-to-Groom Class

Each one and half hour class will cover every step of the grooming process

to give a dog a summer cut. You will learn specific grooming

techniques (for example, using a clipper, cleaning ears, and trimming nails)

and will have lots of opportunities to practice each skill. Classes are taught

by experienced groomers who have worked as groomers for years.


Logistics and Cost


The cost of each grooming class is $35.00. We highly recommend that students repeat the class until they are very comfortable with grooming techniques and grooming equipment--but one class will teach you the basics. The classes take place online using ZOOM. Login information will be emailed to students after they enroll in the class.  

Additional Classes

Continue your grooming education by attending additional classes like our Using Shears 101 and our Nail Nails Oh My classes.

More information on our additional grooming classes below.