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Matted Fur Can Lead to Health Risks

Health risks such as curled nails, skin infections, eye ulcers, and more! 


Regular Grooming is Important

Dogs should be groomed every 6 to 8 weeks.


Dog Grooming Training--The Reason 

Grooming your companion dog can cost anywhere from $65 to $100+, depending on where you live.

Because of the high cost of grooming, many dogs are only groomed at most a few times a year or less.

Grooming is necessary for keeping your pet healthy, and we feel that dog owners should not have to choose between paying a household bill or getting their dog groomed. 

Each one and half hour class will cover every step of the grooming process to give a dog a summer cut. You will learn specific grooming techniques (for example, using a clipper and trimming nails)

and will have lots of opportunities to practice each skill. Classes are taught by experienced groomers who have worked as groomers for years. A lesson on using shears will be held in a separate class. 


Donations to our grooming program will provide people who cannot afford to groom their dogs with access to grants to free grooming classes and some of the equipment needed to groom their dogs. Our goal for the grooming classes is to ensure all dogs have access to being groomed, resulting in a healthy and happy pet. 

Class Description

Learning to groom your dog takes practice and time and is best learned by retaking classes until you are 100 percent confident in your grooming skills. The good news is the classes are affordable. During each 1.5 hour class you will be learning specific grooming techniques and will have lots of opportunities to practice each skill.  Each student will groom their own dog. All the Groomers who will be teaching the class have a long resume of years working as dog groomers. We will also have future guest instructors doing special presentations on the newest grooming techniques.  

Topics Covered in Class:


* Purchasing Grooming Equipment

Believe it or not, purchasing the right grooming equipment makes all the difference in grooming your dog correctly. Using the

right equipment and supplies and bathing and blow drying a dog’s hair properly makes a world of difference in achieving the final salon-groomed look we all love. We’re going to make sure you understand the process and explain some of the most effective grooming products on the market. We’ll also discuss the different grooming tools available for grooming dogs and so you can

decide which will work best for you.


*Groom from Head to Paw Safely

We jump right into the grooming process by explaining how to safely groom your dog. 

Grooming safely is a top priority for professional and home groomers alike. Sensitive areas

like the face and sanitary areas will be covered very carefully to ensure you are confident in

grooming the eyes, mouth, and genitals. Note: Shears will only be used in advanced classes


*Know Your Equipment

During your class, you will learn about all the different types of tools and equipment used

in grooming dogs including: combs, blades, brushes, safety equipment, shampoos/conditioners

and more!

*Logistics and Cost


The cost of each grooming class is $35.00. The classes will take place in Springfield, Virginia, and on ZOOM for remote students. The address will be provided to students after enrolling in the class.  

We highly recommend that students repeat the class until they are very comfortable with grooming techniques and grooming equipment--but one class will teach you the basics. Login information will be emailed to students after they enroll in the class.