Low-cost   Dental    Care
 for   Dog Owners

Low-cost Dental Care

The cost for an average dental cleaning in the DC Metro area can cost upwards of $2000. Many families cannot afford canine dental bills, and are left with no choice but to ignore their pet's dental needs which can be painful for the pet and lead to more serious health issues. 

Many dental offices have their prices set when it comes to the cost associated with their dental procedures. Pawsitive Pup has designed a dental grant program that works with low-cost veterinary practices willing to discount the cost of dental procedures.  

​The Pawsititve Pup Dental Grant allows owners to apply for a dental grant if their dog has a Grade III or above dental disease rating and they cannot pay for their dog's dental due to financial constraints. 

​Pawsitive Pup is currently working on funding for the Pawsitive Pup Dental Assistance Program.


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