Learn-To-Groom Your Fearful Dog

Every dog is different so for this reason each grooming class is tailored for your own dog's pace. Not only does the grooming class help reduce your dog's fear of grooming, it also provides you with training information to help you understand why your dog is fearful and what you need to do to help change the fearful behavior. That's why even if you don't feel comfortable safely using clippers on your dog, the class still helps condition your dog to the grooming process so pup behaves better when they are groomed at a grooming shop.  Its a win- win situation for the fearful pup and dog parent. 

Cost: $95 session- ask about our adopter discount

Location: Groomer's studio in Springfield, Va. 

Who is the groomer/instructor?

The groomer/instructor, Sabina Poinelli, has over ten years of grooming experience prior to becoming a dog trainer. She is also trained to work with dogs with behavioral problems and specializes in fearful and aggressive dogs. By blending her grooming experience with her background in behavior training, Sabina provides each student tailored solutions to grooming their dog in a stress-free manner. Working with dogs with behavior problems and improving their relationship with their owners is Sabina’s passion so every student will receive extra care and attention.

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Areas covered:

  • Understanding what your dog is feeling at the time they are groomed is an essential aspect of the class. During each session, your trainer/groomer will explain how to read your dog’s body language to understand the amount of stress your dog can handle during each grooming session.  

  • Learn how to condition your dog to the sound of the clipper and other equipment. 

  • Learn on how to brush your dog to condition them to like being brush

  • Learn on how to slowly condition your fearful dog to baths

  • Training on how to use the dog grooming equipment. Note-The instructor will provide sample equipment. 

  • Instruction on how to monitor your dog’s body for new bumps or masses.(for older dogs) Everyone is provided a clipboard and a map of their dog’s body to note down any areas of concern on the surface of their dog’s skin



No problem, a remote grooming session can be arranged by using any of the various web and phone apps available now.  We want dog parents to know there is support for their fearful dog no matter where you live! Contact us for more information by clicking here

            Contact us with any questions. We look forward to seeing you in class!