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Chasqui is currently in the Kingdom of Bahrain (next to Saudi Arabia).  He was rescued from a deserted area of Bahrain when he was very young.  He was alone, starving and very dehydrated. 


Chasqui is a goofy, fun-loving pup who absolutely adores a cuddle on your lap and to take naps wherever you are. He loves any game, which involves you, but especially loves Tug of War with a rope toy.  This he will play happily all day, every day. Simply, you are his world. 


Very sadly Chasqui developed some fear reactivity wherein when overwhelmed he nipped/bite some people.  His fear is mostly related to strangers in his home.  He has received obedience training and lately some behavioral training remotely.  However, we believe it is essential that his new family appoint a Certified Behaviorist Trainer once his adoption is finalized to enable the smoothest transition for Chasqui to his new home and to have a training plan in place.


Time is running out for Chasqui as his current family are expecting their first baby any day now and simply are not able to risk keeping Chasqui, nor are they able to provide the help that poor Chasqui needs to get over this awful fear and be his fun-loving goofy self all the time.  And as Bahrain is so very small, there are very few chances to rehome animals there, nor the resources to help Chasqui.


We are searching for a home for Chasqui with a family who are experienced dog lovers and are happy and willing to spend the time, effort and money to help him via the training.  We think he would also do well with an active older family who love to hike, take long walks, and play with him a lot.  A fenced yard is a must.


Chasqui is approx. 15 months old, neutered, crate trained, house trained, knows basic commands and also has been learning some behavioral exercises, and weighs around 50 pounds.  He is ready to travel now.  He is currently living with 3 cats without any issue, but has never been left unsupervised with them.  He is mostly a bit anxious around other dogs at the moment but this will change with the training.


 If you are interested in fostering or adopting this cutie, please email us at  We can also provide more detailed information, photos and videos.