Introduction to Dog Grooming


 During this class, you will learn about all the different types of tools and equipment used in grooming dogs including combs, blades, brushes, safety equipment, shampoos/conditioners and more. The class will last about 1-1.5 hours.

This class is a prerequisite to the Learn to GIve your Dog a Summer Cut.

Classes will take place online through ZOOM online training software.   

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Learn to Give your Dog a Summer Cut


This class is the second in the series of learning how to groom your dog.  With an understanding of all the grooming equipment you learned in the Introduction to Grooming Class, you will now be ready to groom your dog from head to tail.  This class will go over how to carefully groom your dog using all the equipment you learned about in the Introduction to Dog Grooming Class. Whether you are looking to learn how to give your dog a summer cut or you are just looking to learn how to groom your dog for in-between clean-up trimming between groomings, this class is well worth every penny spent. The class is 1.5 hours long. 

Classes will take place online throught ZOOM online training software.  




Everyone dreads trimming their dog's nails but it is a necessity. Learn how to safely trim your dog's nails.