Fear to Calm


Behavioral issues can be very stressful on your family. Let us help you find the solution to your dog's behavioral problems once and for all.

We want all pet parents to understand that there are humane ways to change their animal's behavior from bad to better.     Because we take-in dogs and work with behavioral problems hands on, we can promise you that what ever problem you are experiencing with your dog right now, we have seen and resolved many dozens of times over. 


Animals have their own individual way of displaying stress, anxiety, separation anxiety, fear, resource guarding and relaxation and other feelings. Schedule your consultation today to receive a more thorough understanding of your pet's behavioral problems with step-by-step instructions each week on how to manage and help change the behavior.  


In-Home Behavioral Consultations

The in-home consultation runs around 60 minutes and includes a full write-up explaining why your dog is behaving the way they are with steps to get you started on the road to recovery.  We highly recommend purchasing additional training sessions for more involved cases. 


Phone Behavioral Consultations

For immediate support, feel free to schedule a phone consultation for step- by step instructions to help improve your dog's behavioral problem. Calls can take place over the phone or phone apps such as Skpe.