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Positive Effect Dog & Cat Training uses a positive training model to help dogs and cats become more confident and happy members of your family. We use proven strategies to address some of the most troublesome behaviors, including fear, anxiety, reactivity, aggression, and biting.

While conventional dog and cat  training classes teach basic commands, we focus on the underlying experiences, fears, and negative associations that cause companion animals to behave poorly. Understanding why a dog or cat does something wrong is the first step to changing that behavior. Once we understand what is behind a behavior, we address it by teaching owners strategies to manage or change the behavior. Ultimately, our goal is happy pets and stress-free owners. 



With over a decade of experience working with dogs, we've seen it all! One important factor that sets us apart from other training services is that our lead trainer/behavior counselor has first-hand experience rehabilitating dogs with moderate to severe behavioral issues in her home for over a decade. Experiencing the behaviors personally and over an extended period of time makes a world of difference because the stress and anxiety of dealing with a dog with problem behaviors on a daily basis is something we've experienced ourselves.


Contact us to discuss what we can do to help your dog be more confident and relaxed.