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Rescue & Rehab

The following dogs are enrolled in HOPE's Rehab and Rehome Program. We also post dogs who are successfully adopted.

Every day we receive emails from dog owners who no longer can care for their dogs due to behavioral issues. Most often, their dog has a bite history. Unfortunately, having to turn the dog owners away usually means certain death for these dogs because most dog rescues do not have space to handle dogs with serious behavioral issues.

​The program helps dogs with a history of fearful behaviors.

The program not only helps to find a new home for these difficult-to-place dogs, but also provides the following support:

  • Posting dogs on websites like and to increase their chances of finding a foster or adopter

  • Supporting foster parents and dog owners with free access to dog training and instructional videos

  • Weekly ZOOM or conference calls with dog guardians led by dog trainers to discuss progress made with training and specific challenges encountered with each of the dogs in the program.  

We feel that by providing free dog training and support to guardians of these challenging dogs, we can help save them from euthanasia.

Rescue and Rehab Program

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Angel found a new home!  Angel can now walk into stores, go to cafes, and be in public without lunging to bite strangers. Five months ago, this furbaby was terrified just walking past a garbage can and would lunge to snap at strangers—primarily men—who would reach for her. Now she greets people normally.

Angel’s behavior change did not happen without a lot of work. Every week, her foster mom participated in training classes and was given homework to complete. She applied the training techniques daily and read assigned books to truly understand canine behavior.

DJ has a new home.  His owners contacted us to rehome him due to multiple bite incidents. 

His owners immediately enrolled in our rehab program and followed the techniques to rehabilitate his biting behaviors while we posted him online to search for a new home.


We were able to find a family who continued his training, and he is now a well-balanced and happy dog. 

DOM is currently enrolled in our rescue and rehab program. His owners do not feel that he can move with them into their new apartment because of his unpredictable biting history.  


They attend weekly training calls and have shown true dedication to rehabilitating DOM prior to adoption.  We will be sharing videos of his progress soon. 

Parker found a new home.  Parker’s owner reached out to us for help when they needed to rehome Parker. Parker had a history of fear reactivity to strangers and has separation anxiety. 

With our support Parker is in a new home and his new owners are caring for him following a positive reinforcement training model. We are so happy for this sweet boy.   

Chasqui is in a rescue in the UK.  

Chasqui’s owners reached out to us from the Kingdom of Bahrain (next to Saudi Arabia) due to Chasqui biting over TEN people.


They immediately joined our rehab program, but they urgently had to rehome their dog due to expecting a new baby. 

A family friend reached out to hundreds of rescues worldwide and found a rescue in the UK to take Chasqui. 


What a fantastic outcome for this pup!

Pistol is currently enrolled in our rehab program.  Pistol has a bite history and the rescue sponsoring him could no longer keep him in their rescue program due to liability issues. 

His current foster has been working with him on his training for the last 6 months and he’s made amazing progress. 

He now greets strangers without growling and he can go to the vet without trying to bite the staff. 


He is currently adoptable.  Visit is profile at

Parker is in a new home.  Parker was deemed unadoptable by his former dog rescue due to liability concerns. 

His foster parents reached out to us and continued to work on his behaviors. 

They promise to adopt him if his new home does not work out.  What an excellent and SAFE outcome for this boy!