The following dogs are available for adoption in HOPE's Rehab and Rehome Program.

The program helps dogs with a history of fearful behaviors. These dogs come from dog rescues that are unable to place the dogs or from dog owners who have been left with no other options but to surrender their pets. 

The program not only helps to find a new home for these difficult-to-place dogs, but also provides the following support:

  • Posting dogs on websites like and to increase their chances of finding a foster or adopter

  • Supporting foster parents and dog owners with free access to dog training and instructional videos

  • Weekly ZOOM or conference calls with dog guardians led by dog trainers to discuss progress made with training and specific challenges encountered with each of the dogs in the program.  


We feel that by providing free dog training and support to guardians of these challenging dogs, we can help save them from euthanasia. 


5 years old


1 year old


1 year old


1 year old

Breed:Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler
Location: Behrain
Location: Springfield, VA
Breed: Shepherd Mix


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