Our Mission

(HOPE) is a non-profit organization in the DC metro area whose mission is to keep pets in their forever homes by helping pet owners overcome common behavioral and financial challenges to pet ownership through affordable training and education.

Our History

(HOPE) was founded in 2017 as a nonprofit dedicated to tacking some of the most common reasons dogs are surrendered to animal shelters. In 2018 (HOPE) received their 501c3 status and is now in the process of raising funds to support several programs geared to keeping dogs out of shelters and reducing the amount of dogs that are euthanized due to problems that can be fixed. With over 15 years working with dogs with behavioral, medical, grooming and allergy issues, (HOPE) has chosen to no long throw their hands up in the air with defeat but instead put our heads together to come up with more life saving programs to help the one thing that is dearest to us in the whole world, our love for dogs.