Understanding Separation Anxiety 

Does Your Dog Suffer From Separation Anxiety?
  • Your dog howls/barks when you leave the house

  • You come home to torn rugs or chewed molding

  • Your dog panicks when you are about to leave the house

  • Your dog urinates as soon as you leave the house

Dealing with Separation Anxiety


Separation anxiety can be one of the most challenging canine behavioral problems to address. Coming home to torn rugs, chewed molding or destroyed furniture is distressing to any dog guardian. The stress this type of behavior places on dog owners is one of the main reasons a dog with untreated separation anxiety is surrendered to a shelter or animal rescue.  Dog owners feel like they have no choice because the problem is just too overwhelming. Sadly, in many cases, re-homing a dog with separation anxiety can actually make the problem worse.  


With the right training, there is hope that the anxiety your pet feels from the effects of separation anxiety can be reduced or eliminated.  With a training plan specifically designed for your pet and--in some severe cases--the aid of medication, your pet can learn to be more relaxed when left alone.