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Every day countless dog owners struggle with their dog’s behavioral problems. Often, the behavior problems are so serious it leaves owners feeling overwhelmed and hopeless.


My name is Sabina Poinelli and I understand how you feel.  I’ve spent over 15 years helping dogs overcome their serious behavioral issues.  In fact, it’s been a passion of mine.  There’s nothing more rewarding than transforming a dog with behavioral problems into a more emotionally well balanced dog.  It’s the reason why I formed the non-profit (HOPE).


(HOPE) is a (501c3) non-profit organization in the DC metro area whose mission is support dog owners struggling with their dog’s behavioral problems.   

There is Hope

The Steps to Change Behavior

Patience, commitment, and putting your trust into our training program are all you need to start seeing positive results in your dog’s behavior. (HOPE) uses trusted Science-based training techniques that have proven to be successful in rehabilitating canine behavior problems.


The program starts with a 1.5-hour consultation to get to know your dog’s history of behavior. 

The consultation can be in-person or through remote training options. (See remote training options)


After the first consultation is complete, a weekly remote meeting call will be held to discuss the progress or setbacks for the previous week.  New training techniques will be assigned to you for the upcoming week based on the results of the weekly call. You will see progress as the weeks pass and can discontinue the weekly calls when you feel your dog’s behavior has improved to the point you are happy and your dog is happy too!

For more information on fees visit our Services page here. 

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